Sophie Elliston
Sophie Elliston
Jayne led a great training for our sales team. It was extremely impactful on many levels and the individual's took away practical learnings, that they can apply to their roles, every day.
Sruthi Vijay
Sruthi Vijay
Jayne was a well thought and intuitive speaker - Jayne was also transparent with these skills to have her students (our staff who attended the training) glean and take on these traits in our future public / private corporate event speeches. It was a fun and refreshing experience and I look forward to learning more from the online course! 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to navigate the corporate world!
patrick Downer
patrick Downer
Jayne was amazing! She was informative and fun while giving the constructive criticism we needed to be better within the public speaking world. I am definitely going to continue working with her so I can reach new levels!
I am thrilled to report that the experience was immensely valuable to me. The training not only bolstered my confidence in my public speaking abilities but also equipped me with a set of skills that I find myself utilizing nearly every day. The practical tips and techniques taught during the session have been particularly transformative, allowing me to approach various discussions with greater ease and effectiveness. I would recommend Margo Frommer-Bayroff and Corporate Speech Solutions to anyone seeking to improve their public speaking confidence and skills.
Madaline Woodard
Madaline Woodard
Jayne's whole presentation was engaging as our group was able to ask questions and share anecdotes throughout. I love that we were able to practice some toward the end and appreciate that Jayne could point out specific teaching moments. She can see and hear it all and doesn't miss a beat on how we can improve!
Christina Fleming
Christina Fleming
My team and I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop titled "Communicate with Power, Purpose and Impact," facilitated by Jayne Latz. The experience was nothing short of enlightening and empowering, leaving a lasting impact on how I will approach communication in both personal and professional settings. Jayne expertly navigated the complexities of effective communication, providing practical tools and insights that were immediately applicable and actionable. From understanding non-verbal cues to mastering the power of the pause, every topic was covered with clarity and tactical tips. What truly set this workshop apart was Jayne's ability to engage the audience. Jayne possesses a rare blend of expertise and approachability. Her passion for the subject was evident in every anecdote and example shared. Despite the virtual setting, Jayne managed to create a sense of connection that transcended screens, fostering an environment where questions were encouraged and insights freely shared. In summary, "Communicate with Power, Purpose and Impact" was not just a workshop; it was an experience. I left feeling inspired, equipped with a toolkit of strategies to enhance my communication skills. Whether you're a seasoned professional, executive or just starting on your journey of self-improvement, I highly recommend attending Jayne's workshops. Prepare to be informed, engaged, and ultimately, empowered. Thank you, Jayne, for an exceptional workshop. Your dedication to helping others communicate effectively shines through, and I look forward to implementing these invaluable lessons in my life.
Jordin Douglas
Jordin Douglas
Jayne presented a virtual session with our marketing team to help develop our public speaking skills. I found her incredibly engaging and informative. Jayne broke down the common communication challenges and how to overcome them. The exercises were helpful and I now have the tools to practice and improve.
Kate Jun
Kate Jun
I've worked with Corporate Speech Solutions twice: first focused on accent reduction a couple of years ago and recently on interview practice + public speaking. Both were fantastic. This review is focused on my recent experience with Margo. Margo's coaching helped me tremendously throughout my job interview process. I don't know what her magic was, but talking to her before my interviews boosted my confidence and I used a number of techniques that I learned which were helpful. Margo also helped me with two important presentations that used powerpoint slides and I was amazed at how she could change the dialogue of the presentation. With her help, I was able to start and end each presentation strong, and I got compliments after each talk! If anyone wants to level up their communication and presenting skills, it's really worth an investment. I appreciate all the help I received from Margo, I don't know why but I kinda felt like she was my mom :) She's very honest and direct and her coaching always felt very genuine (maybe that's why!). Anyway I highly recommend her if you want to boost your public speaking skills!
assaf alkhule
assaf alkhule
I worked with Jayne Latz to prepare for an upcoming presentation. The preparation training was invaluable! Thank you
Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman
Jayne Latz' presentation to our executive leadership program at GWU was outstanding. The feedback from our participants was 100% positive. They shared how much of Jayne's presentation they would apply to their professional communications. She is definitely one of the best speakers on this critical topic.

3 January, 2024

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