Corporate Training and Presentations

Empower Your Team with Clear, Concise, and Confident Communication

What is Corporate Training and Presentations?

A corporate trainer promotes employee growth and development. The goal is to provide virtual or in-person training to develop essential skills or create training programs used to teach and train employees. A high-quality, comprehensive training program provides employees with a greater understanding of the organization’s processes, procedures, and goals.

Develop the Speaking Skills to Inspire and Impact Others

This workshop will give your employees a stronger, more dynamic vocal presence, allowing them to represent your company with professionalism and confidence. Every year, companies lose as much as $62 million in productivity, organizational support, and translation costs when language barriers aren’t adequately addressed. 

In today’s diverse business environment, leaders need to build effective communication skills. Improved communication will strengthen your team, increase productivity, and leave a positive impression from the very first word.

Imagine your team leading meetings, presenting at conferences, and responding to tough questions with power, purpose, and executive presence.

Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions, has been guiding teams through custom-designed, dynamic, and interactive training sessions for almost twenty years. Each presentation leaves teams with increased awareness and enthusiasm for strengthening communication.

Key Features

Equip your team with the tools they need to succeed. 

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Develop Vocal Presence

Empower your team to speak up and be heard.

Deliver Strategic Messages

Enhance the strategic impact of your team's communication.

Engage Your Audience

Foster stronger connections and engagement with your audience.

Present with Confidence

Ensure your team can present in a confident manner, whether on the phone or in a conference room, with a dynamic speaking voice, free of excessive filler words (um, uh, like), upspeak and other verbal tics.

Improve Clarity

Reduce or eliminate miscommunications to streamline operations.

Concise Messaging:

Your team will learn the tools to think on their feet and eliminate the tendency to ramble, ensuring the delivery of clear and concise messaging.

Virtual Meetings

Improve presence and delivery when speaking, presenting or leading meetings on the virtual platform

Vocal Engagement

Eliminate the monotone voice by learning the skills to vary the power, pitch and tone

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary goal is to enhance team communication skills, empowering employees to lead meetings, present at conferences, and respond to tough questions with confidence and clarity.

Jayne Latz is the President of Corporate Speech Solutions. She has been guiding teams through custom-designed, dynamic, and interactive training sessions for nearly twenty years.

Participants will develop a stronger vocal presence, deliver strategic messages, engage their audience more effectively, present with confidence, and improve clarity to reduce miscommunications.

Corporate communication training at Corporate Speech Solutions focuses on enhancing employees' communication skills through tailored virtual or in-person sessions. Our training programs aim to improve clarity, confidence, and effectiveness in business interactions, educating employees on best practices for organizational communication, presentation skills, and professional speech.

Improved communication strengthens the team, increases productivity, and leaves a positive impression from the very first word, which can save companies substantial amounts in productivity losses, organizational support, and translation costs due to language barriers.

The workshop aims to improve vocal presence, strategic message delivery, audience engagement, presentation confidence, and overall clarity in communication.

The training sessions can be delivered both virtually and in-person, depending on the needs and preferences of the organization.

Employees will be more empowered to speak up and be heard, enhance the strategic impact of their communication, foster stronger connections with their audience, present confidently, and reduce miscommunications.

In a diverse business environment, effective communication skills are crucial for strengthening teams, increasing productivity, and ensuring that the organization's message is clearly understood, minimizing costly miscommunications.

For more information or to enroll your team in the training programs, you can contact Corporate Speech Solutions directly to learn more about how their training can transform your organization.

Corporate Training

Jayne Latz's Speaker Sheet

If you are looking for corporate training to empower your team to communicate in a clear, concise, and compelling manner, Jayne Latz is the perfect fit. Jayne’s expert training not only enhances clarity and confidence but also equips your team with the skills to make a lasting impact in every interaction. Download the speaker sheet to learn more about how Jayne can transform your organization’s communication.

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