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“I was looking for help in improving my speech. I have an accent, I talk really fast and I mumble a lot. I wanted to do something to help my career. I came across Corporate Speech Solutions, and it was incredible. From my first conversation over the phone to my lessons. I have never seen 10 weeks fly by so fast. By the end, I was happy with my results. It’s a lot of practice, but it is so worth it in the end.”

What is Business Communication Training at CSS?

Business Communication Training is a comprehensive program designed to enhance an individual’s professional communication skills within the workplace. It focuses on improving various aspects of verbal communication, such as clarity, coherence, and delivery. Through tailored one-to-one or group sessions, participants learn techniques and tools to communicate effectively in diverse business scenarios, including presentations, interviews, and client interactions. The training covers aspects  such as speaking clearly, thinking on one’s feet in a clear, concise and confident manner, reducing  mumbling or speaking too quickly, and delivering messages with impact and influence.

Is this for you / your team?

Do colleagues often request you to repeat yourself at work? Do you find yourself speaking too rapidly, occasionally mumbling or at times, even forgetting what you want to say?
If the answer to any of these questions is a Yes, then this training is for you!
Whether it’s delivering a compelling presentation, excelling in an interview, or fostering fruitful interactions with clients and peers, clear, concise, and engaging communication is paramount in the workplace. Whether English is your native language or a second language, our Business Communication program can refine your professional communication skills. Our training equips you with the techniques and tools to convey your message with impact and influence.

Key Features


Enhanced Professional Presence

Improved communication skills contribute to a more polished and professional image, enhancing one's credibility, and executive presence in the workplace.

Increased Confidence

Mastering effective communication techniques boosts self-assurance, enabling individuals to express themselves confidently in all professional situations.

Better Leadership Abilities

Clear and impactful communication is essential for effective leadership. Business Communication Training equips individuals with executive presences and the skills to inspire, influence, and motivate others.

Improved Presentation Skills

Participants learn how to overcome public speaking fears, structure and deliver engaging presentations, captivating audiences and effectively conveying key messages.

Stronger Interpersonal Relationships

Clear communication fosters better understanding and collaboration among colleagues, leading to stronger working relationships and a more cohesive team.

Career Advancement

Individuals who can articulate their ideas effectively are more likely to be considered for promotions and leadership roles. Enhanced communication skills will set you up for career success.

Effective Client Communication

Learning to communicate persuasively and professionally with clients leads to stronger client relationships, increased satisfaction, and potentially, more business opportunities.

Adaptability in Global Markets

In today's interconnected world, effective communication across cultures is crucial. Business Communication Training equips individuals with the skills to navigate cultural and language differences with great success in global markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Communication Training is a program designed to enhance professional communication skills in the workplace. It focuses on improving clarity, coherence, and delivery in all business contexts.

Anyone looking to improve their communication skills in a professional setting can benefit from this training. This includes employees, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking career advancement.

Business Communication Training covers a range of skills, including speaking clearly, delivering impactful presentations, active listening, handling difficult conversations, thinking on your feet, learning to deliver your message in a concise and meaningful way and adapting communication style to different audiences.

Yes, our training is personalized to meet the specific needs and goals of each participant. We offer one-to-one sessions customized to individual strengths and areas for improvement. We suggest getting started with the initial analysis of business communication skills in order for us to gain insights into the areas that need development.

Our Business Communication Training stands out for its personalized approach, flexible scheduling options, virtual training capabilities, and focus on practical, real-world application. We have been in business for almost 20 years, help our clients achieve consistently strong results and enjoy strong review on Google and LinkedIn.

Yes, we offer virtual training sessions for individuals located anywhere in the world. Virtual training provides flexibility and accessibility for participants to improve their communication skills remotely.

The initial consultation is a free telephone session where participants can discuss their communication challenges and goals with the founder of the company. It helps us understand individual needs and tailor the training accordingly.

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