Do you struggle to communicate your ideas under pressure?

 Do you mumble? Speak too quickly or forget what you want to say when asked to present in front of others? IF so, you are not alone. Jayne Latz has developed this easy to read content rich guide that will help you to pronounce, project and present with greater impact.

Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder will help you:
* Build spoken clarity
* Build vocal power
* Gain greater confidence
* Deliver your message with greater impact
* Build your professional image

“Jayne Latz is a truly gifted professional who shares her wisdom in a concise and easy to read book. A “must” for anyone who is struggling with communicating clearly and confidently!” – M. J. Earle

Let Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder help you develop the tools you need to communicate with clarity and achieve your professional goals. Order your copy today